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7 reasons why Seven Stars should be your producer

  • Each production process is certified by an international practice.
  • Manufacturing procedures are controlled by experienced experts.
  • Extensive consultations are well provided to clients by our team.
  • Clients can rest assured of product quality.
  • We select only high quality raw materials that are suitable for the cost of each brand.
  • We use the best technology and innovation for fast production and outcomes.
  • We take into consideration the quality of life of consumers.

Start your own brand with simple steps Production processes

Product Concept

Our services start from designing concepts
for our clients so that their brands reach
desired products within their budgets.

Product formulation

We act as a one-stop-service center where clients can rest assured that their plans, productions of their goods and consultations on marketing and brand building strategies are professionally addressed.

Quality Certification

We assist our clients on their product registration with Thailand’s FDA as well as on halal certificates


Our team helps design product packaging according to each brand’s concept to increase its market potential.


Our manufacturing standards are globally accepted with cutting-edge machinery, fine raw materials and strict quality control procedures for the best and safest products sent out to consumers.


Attention to detail exists in every working process from the beginning until the end to ensure products arrive safely to their destinations.

Rest assured in our manufacturing standards

Guaranteed by over 1,000 certificates of drug registrationAuthorized to produce and distribute

Manufacturing standards and quality control

Our alliance