Start your own brand with simple steps within your budget.

We are an expert and a one-stop service center in producing supplements, vitamins and cosmetics. Quality control is applied thoroughly according to related industry standards.
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Why produce supplements and vitamins with us?

SSP Biotech’s factory’s manufacturing standards are certified by a related internationally-recognized agency. Clients are ensured that every product is made under strict quality control measures and in accordance with international standards.

SSP Biotech provides a one-stop service to facilitate every step of your business — planning, merchandise production, consultations on sales and brand building.

For clients with specific requests such as online marketing, product reviews, promo girls, celebrities, actors, actresses, film shooting/editing, and viral video clips, we also have hand-picked outsourced teams that conduct specialized tasks to save our clients’ time.

Steps of ODM

Product Concept

SSP Biotech offers a design concept for a desired product within a wanted budget.

Research & Development

With experience in the field for over a decade, our R&D specialists propose a proper formulation for each brand’s best outcome. Fine ingredients are selected within the right budget.

Quality certification (FDA, Halal)

SSP Biotech offers product registration with Thailand’s FDA and for halal certificates.


Packaging designs are conducted by our team in accordance with each brand’s concept for market potential.


Cutting-edge machinery, fine ingredients, uncompromising quality control and international-standard practices are combined to create the best and safest products.


Every process is cared for until the last step to safely deliver the finished products to their destinations.

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We are proud to be a part of clients’ successes.

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